“I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. I’ll be okay after this.  You have helped a lot.”

Joshua was a single dad facing not only disconnection of his electricity but also eviction from his apartment which he shares with his young son. After only working part-time for most of 2014, he had just been accepted to a trades apprenticeship program which will provide income and other support services, including child care, while he completes his training. However, all of that seemed to be in jeopardy. After searching for help he was referred to Byrd Barr Place for assistance with his light bill. Joshua applied for energy assistance but was still $150 short of what he needed to prevent disconnection.

Joshua received a $150 Bridge the Gap donation which ensured that he would keep his electricity and heat. He was also referred to the Byrd Barr Place Rental Assistance Program which helped him with his outstanding rent so that he and his son can remain in their apartment.