“I’ve been so worried about how I’m going to make it. My kids are everything and I hate that they have to go through this.” Constance, a domestic violence survivor, relocated to Seattle in January of ‘14 after escaping an abusive partner. She and her kids slept on couches and in their car until she was able to scrape up enough money to lease a small apartment. After a few months, her money began to run out and she was having a very difficult time making ends meet. “When we got our place I thought that everything would be okay, but our money just wasn’t enough.”

After being referred to Byrd Barr Place by a friend, Constance received an energy assistance grant but still needed more to prevent her lights from being turned off. Bridge the Gap provided Constance and her family with the extra $393 she needed to keep her power and lights.

Constance is now working and current on all of her bills. “My kids are happy and warm. I’m thankful that there is help for people in situations like ours.”