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Environmental Justice

We all want access to clean air and safe communities for our families to thrive. However, communities of color and low-income communities – especially those in south Seattle and the surrounding communities – disproportionately experience air and water pollution and proximity to hazardous waste. This is what happens when communities of color and low-income communities… Read Full Article >

Client Story: Brenda

  Brenda, a native of Seattle, grew up in the Central District, the longtime hub of the Black community and has been coming to events and workshops at Byrd Barr Place almost as long as she can remember. She attended Franklin High School and fondly recalls her principal, Roberta Byrd Barr, the very first Black… Read Full Article >

Creating a blueprint for a Community Land Trust

Rooted Communities: Placemaking, Placekeeping   In Seattle’s Central District, development is driving out Washington’s largest African American Community and reducing opportunities for wealth accumulation and creation among lower and middle classes. Recent development patterns are creating displacement of both land owners and existing tenant residents and businesses, alike. This dispersal impacts the Black community’s political… Read Full Article >