Here’s what’s needed:

Economic Security

  • Identify the most significant barriers to economic opportunity for Black Washingtonians today.
  • Enable economic policies to ensure that all families in Washington state can meet their basic needs.
  • Increase the share of Black people with access to good jobs.
  • Focus attention on African American wealth building and create opportunities that connect African Americans to the supports they need.


  • Provide adequate access to an education that will allow Blacks to compete for the jobs of today and the future.
  • Invest in an equitable education system that provides quality experiences for African American children and engages parents.
  • Tackle the education issues that result from gentrification.
  • Expand high quality early learning opportunities for Black children and families.
  • Provide resources Black students need to stay in school and excel.


  • Develop strategies for Black families to use to remain healthy in challenging environments.
  • Promote policies so that everyone in the Black community has adequate access to health insurance and care.

Civic Engagement

  • Tackle the community center issues that result from gentrification.
  • Support African American community organizing to come together around a unified agenda.
  • Create community-driven strategies to bring about a more just and equitable political system
  • Improve state policies and programs to better meet the needs of Black youth to keep them out of the criminal justice system.

Creating an Equitable Future in Washington State (2015) focuses on economic, political and social barriers to progress.

Voices Rising: African American Economic Security in King County (2017) delves deeper into economic security issues.

And So We Press On: A Community View on African American Health in Washington State (2019) continues the dialogue about experiences of health and well-being.