The vision that guides us is of a strong and vibrant community, where all people have access to the basic human needs and opportunities that support their health, well-being and prosperity and that enable them to attain their full potential. In short, equity for all.

Our Theory of Change

Byrd Barr Place promotes equity for all through three interrelated efforts.

Help people in the Central District stay and thrive by

Creating affordable housing

Bringing the community together to advocate for its needs

Support Seattle residents as they move from poverty to self sufficiency by

Providing basic safety-net services

Help Black Washingtonians attain intergenerational well-being by

Raising awareness of the effects of racism and inequity

Advocating for solutions

“Time and time again, I witness proof that Byrd Barr Place is greater than the sum of its parts. Nothing is more inspiring than the harmonized efforts of such a diverse group of individuals.”

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Rooted Communities Initiative

Our communities are growing but not equitably. Long-time residents and business are often priced-out or bought-out. Rooted Communities is an African American non-profit initiative created to help communities of color understand that there is another way forward. Together, we can shape the growth and create a more secure and inclusive future. Rooted Communities was created by Byrd Barr Place in 2018 in partnership with our local Community of Practice members Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle and Washington Association for African American Affairs.

Our mission is to help communities of color throughout the country create greater intergenerational wealth through common land ownership structures. Rooted Communities is designed to educate, inspire, and connect communities of color with local partnering organizations who can cultivate Partner Vitality to become stronger development partners, enabling communities to reduce displacement, increase land ownership, and shape their growth.

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