Leadership and Staff

Andrea Caupain Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer

For two decades, Andrea Caupain Sanderson has worked passionately to make a positive impact on issues of racial equity and poverty. As Byrd Barr Place’s chief executive officer since 2008, she has built a strong foundation for future growth by effectively leading the organization through critical change and innovation. Through her work, she supports new approaches to services that benefit low-income people in our region. She also advocates diligently to put disadvantaged people, equity and communities of color at the center of a movement to advance intergenerational well-being in Washington state. Andrea brings a strong sense of leadership and vision to Byrd Barr Place, an agency with a long legacy serving the community and providing lifeline services to the poor. She has an MPA and a bachelor’s degree from Evergreen State College.

Duane Landon, Chief Financial Officer

Duane Landon is responsible for both day-to-day accounting and high-level financial planning at Byrd Barr Place. He participates in long-term strategy planning and works closely with the CEO and program managers to ensure the fiscal health of the organization. Duane holds an active CPA license and has an MBA. Prior to joining Byrd Barr Place, he spent several years as a director of finance and a financial services program manager.

Meredith Sibley, Development Manager

Development Manager Meredith Sibley started at Byrd Barr Place in 2016, working with clients receiving services through the Energy Assistance program. Today she employs her excellent interpersonal communication skills to coordinate all aspects of fundraising and community engagement for the organization. A native of Seattle, Meredith earned a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies from the University of Washington, with a focus on society and sustainability. She works to promote a healthy working environment at Byrd Barr Place through mindful awareness.

Cid Romero, Operations Manager

Cid Romero manages the organization’s Energy Assistance program team, as well as the organization’s database design and administration. Bringing a data-driven perspective to optimizing performance and maximizing impact, Cid ensures that we are well positioned to expand or adjust our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our community. His nonprofit journey began in 2015 in STEM education; he has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sacramento State University.

Board of Directors

President: Kevin Dawson Jr., Concur

Vice President: Rocale Timmons, SECO Development, Inc.

Treasurer: Terry Easter-Hairston, Skyline Properties

Secretary: Kat Plimpton, NW Energy Coalition

Colleen Fulp, Mother Africa

Tamara Howie, Dept. of Social & Health Services

Elizabeth Roy, Microsoft

Dorian Waller, Archway Consulting

Heyward Watson, Creative Minds Consulting, LLC