ALERT: Our energy assistance programs are now open to help households with low incomes pay energy bills, refill oil tanks, and repair or replace furnaces to keep warm throughout the winter.

We’re back in our firehouse home at 722 18th Ave, and are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We hope you’ll visit us soon! You can also reach us at 206-812-4940 or email


Advocating for Racial Equity

Advocating for Equity Statewide

We bring people together through anti-poverty and anti-racist actions to create an equitable future. Our groundbreaking reports spur public dialogue and drive solutions.


We are deeply saddened by the loss of Black lives, due to violence fueled by racism and the effects of COVID-19. We know long-standing institutional racism has negatively impacted our Black communities and we are calling for change, as well as stand in unity with those calling for change.

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Meet Tanise Love

We’re fortunate to have Tanise Love join Byrd Barr Place’s board of directors. She brings a wealth of nonprofit leadership experience and is passionate about serving our community.

Manifesting Black Well-being

This new report elevates community identified approaches to tackling the structural barriers prohibiting Black well-being and highlights the changes needed to create the world Black people envision.

Meet Amal Mure

As the new Energy Assistance Program Director, Amal manages the energy assistance programs that offer support for community members to pay water, electricity and utility bills.

Building pathways to self-sufficiency

Households kept warm with our energy assistance program in 2022
Families stayed housed with our rental assistance program in 2022
Households were nourished by healthy food from The Market in 2022
People gained confidence and skills about budgeting, saving and credit in 2022

We All Have Something to Contribute

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