Have you ever wondered how to set up a spending plan you can stick to, review your credit report, or choose the credit card that’s right for you? In conjunction with Boston Private Bank, Byrd Barr Place is pleased to present Money Smart workshops at Yesler Community Center. In just 10 weeks, you will learn how to improve your family’s financial health. Workshops are free and are open to the public. Don’t let transportation keep you from participating: Byrd Barr Place can provide bus vouchers! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your family’s finances in shape. Click here for more information and start your journey to financial independence today! To receive updates on financial education opportunities join our mailing list.

For questions or more information, please contact Danielle Preval at danielle@byrdbarr.place or call 206-812-4969.

Last Friday, September 21, 2012, Byrd Barr Place hosted ten volunteers from U.S. Trust, Bank of America, Private Wealth Management for the 2012 United Way Day of Caring. These energetic professionals came out from behind their desks and spent the day away from their offices giving back to the community for the United Way of King County’s largest Day of Caring event ever.  A total of 12, 122 volunteers participated from 138 different companies, completing a total of 448 projects.  These generous individuals gave 59, 737 hours of labor, donating $1.3 million in services to nonprofit agencies across the county in a single day.

Byrd Barr Place’s fantastic group pushed up their sleeves and got down to business–washing windows, polishing banisters, catching cobwebs, wiping down walls, and banishing dust bunnies.  Not only are these men and women banking professionals, they are also professional cleaners, giving Byrd Barr Place’s historic fire house a badly needed going-over.

Thank you U.S. Trust, Bank of America, Private Wealth Management for all of your efforts!



Andrea Caupain with Ivan KingByrd Barr Place CEO Andrea Caupain met with previous CAMP historian, Mr. Ivan King, over lunch last Thursday (8/9/12).  Mr. King worked at CAMP during CAMP’s heyday of 1967, when CAMP employed over 300 people, staffed by dedicated youth and volunteers who took action to better the community. Mr. King had just transitioned from the Assistant Director of the Seattle Urban League to the Program Director of the Central Area Motivation Program’s Action Education Centers (AEC). While acting as the Program Director for the AECs, Mr. King oversaw more than 50 employees and volunteers who ran these after school community action and homework centers in 11 Central Area schools. Students received help with their homework while learning about African American history and activism. One of the greatest accomplishments to come out of these AECs was the implementation of Black History curriculum within the public school system.

The AECs only received funding for one year and the program closed, but Mr. King continued his work with Seattle’s Model Cities Program as the Employment and Economic Development Coordinator. Mr. King stayed a touchstone for CAMP throughout the years, and in 1990 he wrote “The Central Area Motivation Program: A Brief History of a Community in Action.”

Ms. Caupain was delighted to get in touch with Mr. King over lunch and solicited his feedback and support for the rebranding. Here at Byrd Barr Place we are honored to get to know Mr. King and look forward to working with him to preserve Byrd Barr Place’s impressive legacy in the coming years.

We are excited to announce that Central Area Motivation Program has changed its name to Centerstone! We chose this name because it embraces our history in the community and demonstrates how we support people of all cultures access help through food, energy assistance, housing assistance, and education. To hear more about how we are changing people’s lives, contact us for a tour or more information. » Learn more