School’s out, and one long sunny day stretches into another…but for many low-income families that rely on the free and reduced-price lunFB cover_during_v2ch program during the school year, the summer months can increase their food insecurity. For the kids in our community, this should be a time for playing outside, not worrying about their next meal. You can help! For just $7, you can support our Groupon Grassroots campaign and help our Food Bank provide sack lunches to kids this summer.

Byrd Barr Place’s Food Bank touches so many lives…have you been helped, or someone you care about? More than 387,000 families in Washington State are unsure of the source of their next meal. This means 1 in 7 Washington families can’t be certain that they will not go hungry today. The stories are incredible too. Our Food Bank has been there for many people in the community…sometimes in a small way, and sometimes in a big way that altered their lives forever.

This week we are focusing on a particular group of small clients in our Food Bank: children who are on summer break. We are running a Groupon campaign to raise support to provide them with healthy sack lunches.  Won’t you help our Food Bank reach out to families who are living on a very limited, fixed income? For every $7 raised, Centerstone can purchase sack lunches for two kids who visit the Byrd Barr Place Food Bank during the summer months. Once a week, kids will receive five lunches packed with nutritious food such as sandwiches from local cafés, juice or milk boxes, and fruits and vegetables. Learn more about how you can support the campaign.

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