Outrage. Terror. Heartbreak. Numbness. Love.

We are feeling all of these emotions and more as we’ve heard and seen how one of our dear brothers, Mr. Tyre Nichols, has been brutalized at the hands of law enforcement.

Our hearts hurt deeply today for our brother Tyre, may his soul rest in power and his liberation be felt.

Our hearts hurt deeply for Tyre’s mother, Ms. RowVaughn Wells, who lost her sweet boy. No mother should ever have to witness such violence inflicted on their child, just steps from their home.

Our hearts hurt deeply for Tyre’s four-year-old son, who will now have to grow up without  the loving care of his father.

Our hearts hurt deeply for the families of the five police officers who lost their way and succumbed to the brutality and injustice of the police system. Their families are suffering and will be forever changed. 

Our hearts hurt deeply for the Memphis community, which is weeping and grieving about this tragedy.

Our hearts hurt deeply for every Black body feeling the pain of this horror that is all too familiar to Black bodied people. 

Though justice is being sought, it will never be enough. For now, we say Tyre Nichols’ name as we mourn and collect ourselves for the continued work of creating a world where systems that oppress and harm us are replaced by systems that heal.

May we rise up in love for all Black people and give grace for every Black person who needs to grieve today and each day afterwards. 


In love and deep sorrow, 

Andrea, Michelle, T’wina, Angela

Byrd Barr Place

Black Future Co-op Fund

Tacoma Urban League

Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle