Good health is essential to quality of life. Living in a safe home, having enough food to eat, stable employment, attending good schools, and living in neighborhoods where people trust one another and feel protected are all essential to a healthy life. Lack of economic and educational opportunities have made it harder for Black people to find stable, living-wage employment that allows families to meet basic needs like housing and food, as well as invest in their own future or that of their children. The mental stress of such instability can reach levels so toxic that it can take a toll on every aspect of child and family health. In Washington State, 60% of Black children are living in families with economic hardship – the most common adverse experience children face — compared to the state average of 39%. The release of a new study, “Creating an Equitable Future for Black Washingtonians”, uncovers this troubling research and much more. The study also identifies multiple solutions for improving opportunities for Blacks in our state. Download the Health excerpt from the study, and learn how you can help us start the conversation to strengthen our state’s economic and civic future by visiting