Eight months pregnant with two other children at home, Alicia came to Byrd Barr Place in a panic.  Surviving on a small cash subsidy for pregnant women from the Department of Social and Health Services and food stamps, Alicia had trouble making her gas and electric payments, when the disconnection notices began to arrive.  First came the disconnection letter from Seattle City Light, followed by Puget Sound Energy.

With her 11 year old daughter in school, Alicia knew her daughter would be taken care of during the day if the power was disconnected, but home alone with her 4 year old son, Alicia had nowhere to turn, no family to lean on.  Alicia was on her own.  Alicia’s federal LIHEAP grant helped to cover the cost of her main heating source (her gas), but it was impossible for her to run her gas without her electricity, for which she owed nearly $400 in past due bills.  Thankfully, anonymous donors from Byrd Barr Place’s Bridge the Gap Campaign stepped in, and pledged $250 to Alicia’s account, allowing her to maintain her electricity and reach the threshold to access other services through Seattle City Light’s Emergency Low-Income Assistance Program.  Now Alicia and her family can look forward to the arrival of their newest member without living in fear, something which Alicia is extremely grateful for.