With heartfelt appreciation, we acknowledge the meaningful contributions made by each attendee at our second Community Convening at Byrd Barr Place. This smaller, more intimate gathering fostered deeper connections among us, allowing for a rich discussion that has become the hallmark of our series.

The convening was a step further into the heart of our communal concerns, enabling us to not only revisit the six topics prioritized at the first gathering, but also to lay the groundwork for a more targeted approach. The valuable feedback received has led us to an exciting new phase: inviting industry experts to enrich our conversations with their specialized knowledge and experience.

Here’s a reflection on our journey and what lies ahead:

  1. Youth Engagement: We continue to spotlight youth and explore avenues to support their growth into the leaders of tomorrow.
  2. Affordable Housing and Support for the Unhoused: Our resolve to address housing issues grows stronger as we seek to transform dialogue into action.
  3. Crime Reduction: Community-led solutions remain at the forefront of our strategy to create a safer environment.
  4. Displacement and Community Connectedness: We persist in our efforts to combat displacement and cultivate a sense of belonging for all.
  5. Safety and Violence: The conversation on safety deepens as we consider systemic changes to reduce violence.
  6. Generational Wealth: We remain committed to building financial literacy and opportunity, setting the stage for enduring community prosperity.

We intend to orchestrate a series of specialized sessions, each spotlighting one of these six topics with an expert-led discussion. This is a call to action: Which topics would you like us to prioritize, and who are the ideal voices to lead these dialogues? Your insights will shape our agenda and ensure our actions reflect the collective voice of our community.

Please let us know your preferences and recommendations. Your proactive involvement is the cornerstone of our progress. To register and share your thoughts on the direction of our collective efforts, please contact Impact Director Tiffany Kelly-Gray at tiffany@byrdbarr.place.

Let’s continue to weave our strengths into the robust tapestry of our community. Together, we craft not just a vision but a reality of shared success and security.