Credit is a part of your financial power, allowing you to borrow money to pay for things now, with a promise to pay it back in the future. Understanding what impacts your credit and how to improve it can empower you on the path to financial wealth and well-being.


Five Behaviors to Improve Your Credit Score

A basic building block to financial health is having a strong credit score. Learn important practices to boost your credit score.

How Is Credit Score Calculated?

Your credit score is the key to accessing credit. Understand the five factors that go into calculating your credit score so you can take control of it.

Things to Know Before Applying for a Credit Card

While a credit card allows you to borrow money with the promise to pay it back, it requires prudent management. Learn key considerations in applying for one.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt

To maintain good credit standing, it’s important to pay your credit card bills on time. If you are falling behind, here are strategies to paying off debt.

Blog | My Biggest Credit Mistake

College Money Habits Founder Obioha Okereke shares how he learned about credit utilization the hard way and what he’s done to increase his credit score.

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