If you have received a 10-day shut-off notice, a final notice or a 24-hour shut-off notice or if you are currently disconnected from your heating provider or out of fuel please complete the following steps:

  • Contact your utility immediately to notify them that you are applying for assistance from Byrd Barr Place. If you are a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) customer and you are disconnected, you must call PSE to get a new account number before filing an application with us.
    • Seattle City Light 206-684-3000
    • Puget Sound Energy 1-888-225-5773
  • Submit copies of all required documents to Byrd Barr Place between 9 and 4, Monday through Friday. Call or email to verify expedited processing of your application. Please be sure to provide the most recent copy of your shut-off notice.
  • Continue to make payments to avoid a shut off. You are still responsible for any balance or future payments once the grant is applied to your account. As long as you owe money, you will continue to receive notices until it is paid. You must pay 50% of what you owe (the payment support is included) to prevent a shut off (or reconnect your service).
  • If Byrd Barr Place has not contacted you within two days of receiving your application, please email us at energyassistance@byrdbarr.place or call us at 206-812-4940 to find out your payment support amount and next steps.
  • Continue to pay your bills and make payment arrangements if you have a balance on your account.