Black Well-Being in Washington State

Racism and inequity deeply impact Washington State’s Black community, creating barriers and limiting opportunities for Black families and individuals. The report, Creating an Equitable Future in Washington State: Black Well-Being & Beyond, assesses these barriers to success – including access to and quality of education, housing, jobs, and health care – and encourages us to work together to develop real solutions. If we are to ensure Black Washingtonians gain an equal footing to realize their full potential, we need to address inequities head-on, engage in conversations with our neighbors and local leaders, and demand policy changes that protect and support the Black community.

This report is released by Byrd Barr Place in collaboration with the Washington Commission on African American Affairs, and the African American Leadership Forum – Seattle. It is the first phase of a longer effort to elevate and amplify the voices of Black Washingtonians in the decision-making processes that influence their everyday lives.

Here are 10 ways you can use this report to improve life for Black Washingtonians:

  • Enable economic policies to ensure that all families in Washington state can meet their basic needs
  • Increase the share of Black people with access to good jobs
  • Provide adequate access to an education that will allow Blacks to compete for the jobs of today and the future
  • Expand high quality early learning opportunities for Black children and families
  • Provide resources do Black students need to stay in school and excel
  • Improve state policies and programs to better meet the needs of Black youth to keep them out of the criminal justice system
  • Create community-driven strategies to create a more just and equitable political system
  • Develop strategies for Black families to use to remain healthy in challenging environments
  • Promote policies so that everyone in the Black community has adequate access to health insurance and care
  • Identify the most significant barriers to economic opportunity for Black Washingtonians today

How You Can Help

Start the conversation by downloading the full report, learning about the issues, and raising your voice in the community. Or download the report by topic section:

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Together, we can build a better, more equitable future for all Washingtonians.