Working toward a more equitable community.

Byrd Barr Place is committed to engaging our community and advocating for more equitable opportunities so everyone has the chance to build a good life.

As an organization that has historically served the African American community in the Central District, we bring special focus to helping overcome the challenges of racism, supporting groups in our communities that have unique social and cultural needs.

We are committed to continuously learning and collective action, which is why Byrd Barr Place is part of the Seattle Community of Practice, a collaboration of community organizations working together to address specific challenges and opportunities for African Americans in Seattle and King County.


In addition to offering programs and services, we conduct research on core issues facing our community and work with our neighbors, community partners, policymakers, and others to identify solutions.


And So We Press On

This report is the result of over 580 community voices articulating how we experience health and well-being in Washington State today. It is the second in a series of reports intended to expand on Creating an Equitable Future in Washington State: Black Well-Being and Beyond. The first study took a purley numbers (quantitative) look at the Black experience in the areas of economic security, education, criminal justice, civic engagement and health, this report builds on the statistical analysis on health and well-being included there and paints a robust and compelling picture of Black Washingtonians’ lives. Read more and download the full report. 





Voices RisingVoices Rising

The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and implicit bias are still very much present today and can be seen in the growing racial wealth gap, nationally and locally. Voices Rising explores the contributing factors behind this wealth gap in Seattle and King County, and invites conversation toward identifying solutions that advance equity. Read more and download the one-page summary or full report.


Creating an Equitable FutureCreating an Equitable Future in Washington State

Racism and inequity deeply impact Washington State’s Black community, creating barriers and limiting opportunities for Black families and individuals. This is the first report in a series to assess barriers to success—including access to and quality of education, housing, jobs, and health care—and encourage us to work together to develop real solutions. Read more and download the report.





Spurred by the two reports above, Byrd Barr Place and the Seattle Community of Practice are working with community members and partners to address some of the challenges and questions raised. These include:

  • Designing programs – We are partnering with Seattle University to look at innovative social service models across the country. We aim to apply lessons learned nationally to our community so we more effectively serve the needs of African Americans in Seattle and King County.
  • Building an African American agenda – Emerging from this report was a clear need for a shared agenda and coordination among the African American community to realize our collective goals. The Community of Practice is working on a process for engaging the community in developing a unified agenda.
  • Creating a land trust – In the face of gentrification and the loss of place for African Americans in Seattle and King County, we’re exploring opportunities to preserve land for use by the Black community.