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The Andrea Legacy Fund

“While we finally have dominion over our space, we now look towards sustainability. When we preserve the building of Byrd Barr Place, we also preserve our heritage as Black people. Our roots and home are also here in the Central District of Seattle.”

– Andrea Caupain Sanderson

Andrea Caupain Sanderson smiling

As we celebrate the legacy of Andrea Caupain Sanderson, we also look to secure a sustainable future for Byrd Barr Place.

After a 20-year tenure with Byrd Barr Place, Andrea Caupain Sanderson will be stepping down as CEO at the end of June 2023. Andrea has had an enormous and enduring impact on Byrd Barr Place — from securing ownership of the firehouse as our organization’s long-term home, to fortifying essential services for our neighbors struggling to make ends meet, and organizing significant advocacy on behalf of our Black community.

A Legacy of Stability

As we approach her last days with the organization, Andrea notes the most meaningful legacy gift would be the assurance that the new Byrd Barr Place CEO starts off on a strong financial footing. While we successfully raised $13 million to cover the full cost of the building renovation — an outstanding feat that was made possible from amazing support across Seattle and Washington state — the organization is still in need of funds that will help properly maintain its new home and programs.

Breaking the “Starvation Cycle” at Black-Led Organizations

Black-led organizations are historically underfunded, and there is an inequitable playing field that makes it harder for Black leaders to sustain their organizations. Sometimes described as the “starvation cycle”, nonprofit leaders, in general, struggleto close the gap between the funding they receive and the true cost of operations.

Andrea’s intent is to break this cycle, and envisions the next Black leader starting off with solid funds where they can spread their wings and soar, bringing their brilliance and creating what’s possible for the next phase of Byrd Barr Place.

Join us in supporting the Andrea Legacy Fund

To bring this dream to life, our goal is to raise a total of $750,000 by the end of June 2023. If you’d like to support the Andrea Legacy Fund, donate using the link below and come celebrate with us June 22, 2023 at our newly renovated firehouse to honor Andrea in-person.

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