Stories of Impact: Brenda

Rooted in the Community

Brenda is a Byrd Barr Place client.

“Throughout the years, Byrd Barr Place has been there for Brenda.”

“Brenda turns to Byrd Barr Place to provide essential support that supplements her basic needs.”

Seattle native Brenda grew up in the Central District and has been coming to events and workshops at Byrd Barr Place almost as long as she can remember. She attended Franklin High School and fondly recalls her principal and our namesake, Roberta Byrd Barr, the first Black female principal in Seattle.

Throughout the years, Byrd Barr Place has been there for Brenda when she has needed assistance to maintain stability in her life—and when she just wanted to see a friendly face. Now retired and living on a fixed income of less than $800 a month, Brenda turns to Byrd Barr Place to provide essential support that supplements her basic needs.

Affectionately known as Mama Brenda to the children in her building, she visits our food bank each week with her neighbors in mind, making a point to take home food she can share. In the winter, she receives annual financial assistance from the Energy Assistance program, and through our Giving Tree program is able to provide presents for her young neighbors and two granddaughters. A few years ago, when she fell behind on rent and faced eviction, she was able to turn to Byrd Barr Place for financial assistance that kept her in her home and rooted in the community.

Brenda also knows she can turn to the food bank’s community connector when she has questions about financial aid or health care, and has learned about other resources in the city this way.

At Byrd Barr Place, Brenda finds the support she needs to reinforce her health and well-being—support that complements her personal resiliency and generous spirit.

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