Q: Do I have to have a shut off notice or be disconnected to apply?

A: No. This program is designed to help you pay your bills. You do not have to have a shut off notice to apply.


Q: How much will I receive?

A: Assistance varies by household. Payment support is calculated based on your average household income, number of household members, historical energy usage, and housing type.


Q: When will I receive my payment support?

A: Applications are processed in the order received. After processing, the payment support will be “pledged” to your utility on your behalf. It can take 6 to 8 weeks from your application date to show as paid on your account.

You MUST continue to pay your bills to prevent a disconnection. If you need assistance to pay your balance, please contact your utility to make payment arrangements or call 2-1-1 for more resources.


Q: I get the monthly 60% discount on my Seattle City Light bill. Can I still apply?

A: Yes, please still apply. With UDP (Utility Discount Program) and LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), you can cover more of your Seattle City Light bills for the year.


Q: What if I owe money on an old account or an account at a different residence?

A: If you have moved and closed your account, or you were disconnected, your payment support can only go towards your new, active account. Call your utility service provider to make payment arrangements on your previous account balance.


Q: I applied last year and my payment support was more. If my income hasn’t changed why was my payment support less this year?

A: Payment support is calculated based on your income, household size, housing type, and energy usage. If your household income or size has not changed, it is probably due to your energy usage as a part of heating your home. Payment support can vary year to year depending on how these variables change.


Q: I was included on another household member’s application who applied this year. Can I apply too?

A: No. Energy assistance payment support applies to the whole household. Everyone listed as a household member benefits from the payment support, and cannot apply separately or be listed as part of another household until the next program year. This applies even if you move to your own residence.


Q: Can I apply if I was denied in the past?

A: Yes. We look at your current income and household size. If you were denied before and want to apply again, we will review your application to see if you meet eligibility.

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