To be eligible for our Energy Assistance program you must meet the following criteria:

1) Use electricity, natural gas, wood, propane, or oil to heat your home.
If your heating costs are included with your rent, you can still apply for assistance. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


2) Live within Seattle’s city limits.
You must live within one of the following Seattle zip codes in order to qualify for Energy Assistance through Byrd Barr Place.

98101 98104 98107 98112 98117 98121 98126 98136 98177
98102 98105 98108 98115 98118 98122 98133* 98144 98178*
98103 98106* 98109 98116 98119 98125 98134 98165 98199

*Some residents of these zip codes may be served by other agencies if they are not within the Seattle city limits. If you are unsure if your home is located within our service area, please call our office at 206-812-4940.

If you do not live in any of these zip codes, please contact Multi-Service Center (south of Seattle and zip codes 98178 or 98106) at xxx-xxx-xxxx or Hopelink (northeast of Seattle and 98133 zip code north of NE 145th St) at 425-658-2592.


3) Meet the following household income guidelines.

2019-2020 Maximum Average Monthly Income Requirements
Household Size LIHEAP PSE HELP
1 person $1,301 $1,561
2 people $1,762 $2,114
3 people $2,222 $2,666
4 people $2,682 $3,219
5 people $3,143 $3,771
6 people $3,603 $4,324
7 people $4,064 $4,876
8 people $4,524 $5,429
9 people $4,984 $5,981

Living in our service area and meeting income eligibility does not guarantee that you will receive assistance. Please visit our How to Apply page to learn about the application process.

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How to Apply
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Required Documents
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After You Apply
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Apply Online
Announcing our new online application process for Energy Assistance. For the best experience, please use a smartphone or tablet.